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“A sealed book of natural geology that has been written for over 2 billion years by nature”


Celebrating Earth Heritage

Dali-Cangshan UNESCO Global Geopark is located in China’s Yunnan province. Dali-Cangshan UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the central section of the Bai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture, including Dali City, Yangbi County and Eryuan County.

Located in western Yunnan Province at the southern end of the lofty Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Mount Cangshan is a young mountain formed only 50 million years ago. However, the rocks that make up the mountain are more than 2 billion years old. Mount Cangshan is mainly composed of metamorphic rocks, including marble renowned for its beautiful colour and structure. It is the southernmost mountain in Asia reached by the latest glaciation period and many glacial landforms are well preserved and displayed.


Sustaining local Communities

Mount Cangshan is a sacred mountain and displays unusual natural beauty. The unique and colourful traditions of the Bai indigenous people have helped make the site a popular tourist destination.

The UNESCO Global Geopark prepared a Geopark’s master plan, and hosted the 2015 Chinese UNESCO Global Geopark annual conference. A number of universities and a number of research institutions established a research and education partnership with the UNESCO Global Geopark. They have published geoscience books and leaflets, produced popular science postcards and videos. Local community residents benefit from geotourism, and promote the sustainable development of local economic, social and ecological environment.


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  • Global Geopark Network Designated Year: 2014
  • UNESCO Global Geopark Designated Year: 2015
  • Localisation: N25°46'48'', E100°42'00''
  • Area: 933 km2


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