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UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGp)


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UNESCO Global Geoparks Council & Reports

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The UNESCO Global Geoparks Council is responsible for assessing revalidated and new UNESCO Global Geopark nominations. It makes the decision on whether new applications should be forwarded to the Executive Board of UNESCO for endorsement. Furthermore it has a key advising role to the Director-General of UNESCO on the strategy, planning and implementation of UNESCO Global Geoparks.



The UNESCO Global Geoparks Council shall be composed of 12 ordinary members, with the right to vote, who shall be individuals appointed by the Director-General of UNESCO on recommendation of the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) and of Member States. In addition the Director-General of UNESCO, the President of the GGN, the Secretary-General of the IUGS, the Director-General of the IUCN or their representatives shall be ex officio members of the Council without the right to vote.

Council members


Meetings and International Conferences

The Council meets once a year during a regional or international conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks. 

7th session of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council 

December session

September session

6th session of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council

5th session of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council

4th session of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council

3rd session of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council

2nd session of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council

1st session of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council


Profile and Application Procedure

Profile of the members

Ordinary members shall be high-profile experts chosen for their proven experience, scientific or professional qualifications in relevant fields, taking into account an equitable geographical distribution and gender equality. They shall serve in a personal capacity, not as representatives of their respective States or any other affiliated entities. They will be required to ensure that they have no conflict of interest and that they will not seek or accept instructions from governments or other authorities.

A good knowledge of and ability to speak fluently and understand the English language is required.

Council Members must fulfil at least two of the criteria below:

1.Combined and proven professional experience relevant to UNESCO Global Geopark development, for at least six years, in a “green-card” holding UNESCO Global Geopark in at least three of the following areas:

  • Geological heritage;
  • Geoconservation and Environmental Managment;
  • Sustainable Development and Geotourism;
  • Community engagement for the creation and management of UNESCO Global Geoparks;
  • Public education and communication of geoscience;
  • Capacity building on UNESCO Global Geoparks;

and/or proven scientific or professional qualification in relevant fields and backed by a corresponding recognized higher education degree;

2. Be/have been a member of the scientific committee of a UNESCO Global Geopark for at least six years.

3. Be/have been a member, for at least two years, of the:

  • Global Geoparks Bureau;
  • Asia Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN) – Advisory Committee;
  • European Geoparks Network (EGN) – Advisory Committee;
  • Latin America and Caribbean Geoparks Network (GeoLAC) - Advisory Committee;
  • African UNESCO Global Geoparks Network (AUGGN) - Advisory Committee

4. Be/have been a coordinator or secretary of a National Committee/Fora of UNESCO Global Geoparks.

5. Have undertaken Geopark advisory missions or conducted relevant capacity building activities over the last four years on behalf of UNESCO and/or the Global Geoparks Network.


Produre for Application

The following documents should be sent directly to the UNESCO Global Geopark Secretariat in UNESCO.

Completed application form and declaration with respect to the IGGP Statutes and UNESCO Global Geoparks Operational Guidelines as well as on the fact that there is no conflict of interest. - Detailed CV - Cover letter explaining motivation and added value of the candidate to the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council - Document of support from the Member State or the GGN presenting the candidate. A call for applications is generally launched in the Spring of even years (2016, 2018, 2020 etc.).