39th Session of the General Conference

Information Bureau

The Delegates’ Information Bureau is responsible for the communication related to the work of the General Conference. It includes :

  • The website of the 39th session : where you can find all documents to download, information on logistics; programmes; side events ; who is who; ; photogalleries; video, live transmission, list of speakers, list of speeches, practical guide, previous sessions.…
  • The daily e-journal: where delegates and external public can find the agenda of the proceedings of the day and the factual report on the debates and proceedings of the previous day. It provides information on the daily side events such as special meetings and official visits.
  •  The announcements : there are 22  flat-screens located throughout the ground floor of Fontenoy and Bonvin buildings . You can get the information  in real time on the agenda and timetable of the commissions, the results of elections etc.; special announcements.

Delegates are welcome to contact the Delegates’ Information Bureau team for any update on the work of the General Conference.