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39th Session of the General Conference


Welcome to the 39th session of the UNESCO General Conference!

The 39th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO will mark a turning point since Member States will adopt the programme of the Organization and elect the next Director-General for the coming four years. It will also provide a special opportunity to reflect on the challenges to be faced in the coming biennium, defining a new path for our Organization.

In the website of the General Conference you will find the information related to the dates of the elections which will take place throughout the session, the agenda and the programmes of the meetings; documents to download; list of speakers and their statements, who is who, FAQs, practical guide, photogalleries; etc.

The easy mobile access is an improvement introduced to facilitate the consultation of this website worldwide. Click here for further information.

This e-journal will inform delegates and external public on the daily agenda of the work of the plenary, the commissions and the committees; the factual report of the debates and the proceedings of the previous day and the outline of the following one. It shall also include highlights on major side events as well as official visits.

The agenda of the meetings, the results of the elections and any other relevant information will be announced in real time on 22 flat-screens located in the main Halls of Fontenoy and Bonvin buildings, next to the meeting rooms of the commissions and committees.

The team of the Delegates’ Information Bureau will be pleased to guide you during the course of the session with updates and changes. We are located in the Salle des Actes, Fontenoy building, opposite Room I.

You can also reach us by phone on the following extensions: 85270 or 85277, or by email.

We wish you a productive and inspiring session

Rossella Salvia

Delegates' Information Bureau