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APX Commission

The APX Commission will meet from 10 a.m. on Tuesday 31 October to 1 p.m. Saturday 4 November, and from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m on Tuesday 14 Novembrer 2017 - Room XI.

The APX Commission will submit to the General Conference a report containing recommendations and draft resolutions for its consideration and approval. The Chair of the APX Commission will also report to the Plenary session separately on Item 1.3 concerning Voting Rights and on Item 3.2 concerning the provisional budget ceiling for 2018-2021.

Items of the Agenda

1.3 Report by the Director-General on communications received from Member States invoking the provisions of Article IV.C, paragraph 8(c), of the Constitution

3.1 Methods of preparing the budget, budget estimates for 2018-2021, and budgeting techniques

3.2 Consideration and adoption of the Draft Programme and Budget for 2018-2021

  • Part I General Policy and Direction
  • Part II.A UNESCO Institute for Statistics Management of field offices

Supplementary funding for the Field Network Reform

  • Part II.B Coordination and monitoring of action to benefit Africa

Coordination and monitoring of action to implement gender equality

Strategic planning, programme monitoring and budget preparation

Organization-wide knowledge management

External relations and public information

Field support and coordination

  • Part II.C Participation Programme and Fellowships
  • Part III.A Human resources management
  • Part III.B Financial management
  • Part III.C Management of Support Services
  • Part III.D ICT Infrastructure and operations
  • Part III.E Management of security and safety
  • Reserves for staffing adjustments and for the After Service Health Insurance long-term liability (ASHI)
  • Part IV Loan Repayments for Renovation of Headquarters Premises and the IBE Building
  • Part V Anticipated Cost Increases

3.4 Adoption of the provisional budget ceiling

4.1 Proposals by Member States for the celebration of anniversaries in 2018-2019 with which UNESCO could be associated

4.10 The importance of sound in today’s world: promoting best practices

5.1 Governance procedures and working methods of the governing bodies of UNESCO

5.2 Definition of regions with a view to the execution by the Organization of regional activities

8.1 Proposals for qualitative dialogue between Member States and NGOs, including within the governing bodies

8.2 Principles and conditions of the Participation Programme and emergency assistance

8.3 Draft Regulatory Framework Regarding Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO

9.1 Financial report and audited consolidated financial statements relating to the accounts of UNESCO for the year ended 31 December 2015, and report by the External Auditor

9.2 Scale of assessments and currency of Member States’ contributions

9.3 Collection of Member States’ contributions

9.4 Working Capital Fund: Level and administration

10.1 Staff Regulations and Staff Rules

10.2 Staff salaries, allowances and benefits

10.3 United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund and appointment of Member States’ representatives to the UNESCO Staff Pension Committee for 2018-2019

10.4 Report by the Director-General on the state of the Medical Benefits Fund (MBF)

10.5 Audit of the Medical Benefits Fund (MBF) and the medical service of UNESCO

10.6 Report by the Director-General on the Human Resources Management Strategy for 2017-2022

11.1 Report by the Director-General, in cooperation with the Headquarters Committee, on managing the UNESCO complex