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Coalition of artists for the General History of Africa

The International Coalition of Artists for the General History of Africa aims not only to deliver the messages from the General History of Africa to the youth of Africa, the diaspora and the world, but also to encourage artists from Africa and the diaspora to draw inspiration from this history for their creativity.

The Coalition was established and launched in October 2015 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, in the presence of a large number of artists (musicians, writers, filmmakers, dramatists, actors, painters, etc.).

Artists who join the Coalition must have a significant level of respectability in their artistic discipline. All artists show, in their respective fields, a strong commitment to African cultures.

The Coalition aims to mobilize and raise awareness of the African youth and diaspora around a number of central themes related to the General History of Africa (valuing African contributions to contemporary societies, promoting a pan-African identity, “decolonizing” minds, celebrating African diasporas and so on).