Building peace in the minds of men and women

Gender Views

What is gender bias and how can we prevent it through education? 

How do gender roles affect the way we work with different people?

Why are gender stereotypes so present in the media? 


Gender Equality is at the heart of our work at UNESCO, but it is not easy to recognize and understand all the hidden ways in which gender inequalities affect our life, those of our stakeholders and society in general.

The Division for Gender Equality is organizing a series of informal meetings in the form of ‘brown bag lunches’ to promote learning and knowledge sharing on gender equality issues. Gender Views will give us an opportunity to address some of the most compelling questions and aspects of our work on Gender Equality as well as to share our experiences and perspectives.

The talks will be interactive and last one hour. Speakers will include both UNESCO colleagues and external experts, who will present their work and ideas in a concise, unscripted and thought-provoking manner. Everyone will get a chance to talk and contribute to the discussion.

Participation is open to all UNESCO personnel at HQ and colleagues in field offices will be able to join through video conference. You can also volunteer to come and present during one of the future sessions!*


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Room IX Réseau international de femmes fonctionnaires (le RIFF) en quoi le modèle managérial peut-il favoriser ou défavoriser la carrière des femmes ? The session will be in French.


For more information, please contact Damiano Giampaoli:; and


*The Division for Gender Equality will not be able to provide any refreshments, but participants are encouraged to bring their own.