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In this space we aim to provide young people with the information they need, in the style they need it, on the new global education goal and targets so that they can help campaign in their own countries to ensure quality education for all.


The new Sustainable Development agenda both impacts, and is reliant, on youth for its success.

Improvement in education for young people, and equipping them with essential skills for work, global citizenship and sustainable development constitute over half of the new global education targets in the new agenda. As never before, young people have a chance to have their voices heard about where progress is faltering, and how pace of change could be quickened.

But young people are not only affected by whether or not these targets are achieved, they are crucial contributors to ensuring they are meaningful and are within reach of each and every person. Young people are the global citizens of the future; they create and facilitate change for our new global agenda.

Young people can help by interacting and consulting with other youth in their countries, and regions, by providing insight and advice on the priorities of young people and by mobilising young people to hold governments to account where they are falling down on their promise.




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