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Work with us


This page has information on GEM Report vacancies, consultancy contracts and internship.

Download UNESCO CV format.

Opportunities currently open:



Senior Policy Analyst: Monitoring Lead P5

Senior Project Officer Research SDG4_P4_ED/PA 198

Project Officer Research Regional Reports_P3_ED/PA 197

Associate Project Officer Research Monitoring_P2_ED/PA 196

Associate Project Officer Research Thematic_P2_ED/PA 195

Associate Project Officer Research Thematic TA P1P2-ED 753

Associate Project Officer Research Monitoring TA P1P2-ED 752




Roster for individual consultants

The GEM Report is seeking to identify qualified candidates interested in joining a roster for potential consultancy appointments for:

- Research data

- Communication and production




Please note we are no longer accepting internship applications until further notice.

See more information about internships at the GEM Report.