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NEW @GEMReport paper shows that a good way to build inclusive societies is to get it #Rightfromthestart with inclusive early childhood education

inclusive ECCE makes for inclusive societies

NEW @GEMReport @UNESCO papers urges governments to make early childhood education compulsory and inclusive #RightfromtheStart

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NEW @GEMReport paper calls for universal access to early childhood education:  2 in 5 children, mostly in low and lower middle-income countries are still not enrolled #RightfromtheStart

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Only 28% of countries globally have made pre-primary education compulsory, ranging from none in the Arab states to 55% in Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s time for the rest to fulfil their commitments #RightfromtheStart

Vast disparities in pre-primary school access exist between the richest and poorest children, rising to over 60 percentage points in some low- and middle-income countries #RightfromtheStart

wide disparities exist in ECCE access

NEW @UNESCO @GEMReport paper calls for integrated services that consider the diversity of learners to address their early childhood care and education needs. #RightfromtheStart

The lack of data for certain groups of children at early childhood level is critical. The reality of some marginalized children, particularly those with disabilities, is poorly documented or not at all #RightfromtheStart

early identification of needs in ECCE is important

“The absence of early childhood education can lock children into deprivation and marginalisation”. @SteGianini #RightfromtheStart

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New @GEM Report UNESCO policy paper shows early childhood education has long-term individual and social benefits for inclusion, but that one in four children are not in education during the year before the official entry to primary school. The paper urges governments to make at least one year of pre-primary education compulsory and inclusive #RightfromtheStart

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In North Macedonia, 91% of the richest but just 12% of the poorest benefit from early childhood education #RightfromtheStart

Over half of Roma children in Europe are still missing out on pre-primary school #RightfromtheStart

An early childhood education programme in Kenya, with teacher training, instructional support, teaching and learning materials and a health component significantly improved school readiness #RightfromtheStart

Legislation and policies must support equitable access to early childhood education. In Cuba, children with disabilities are included in mainstream early childhood development programmes. #RightfromtheStart

Good job! In Sweden, all children have the right to early childhood care and education from age 1 and to free services for 15 hours per week from age 3 #RightfromtheStart

Coordination, cooperation and collaboration are needed to deliver inclusive early childhood education #RightfromtheStart

Pre-primary education is critical for identifying students’ specific needs. But such screening systems were found to be rare in 21 eastern and Southern African countries #RightfromtheStart

Inclusive early childhood education curricula – combined with policies that prevent segregated classrooms – can set the foundations for better mutual understanding of different communities #RightfromtheStart

inclusive ecce curricula is necessary

Early childhood educators are rarely prepared for inclusive practice. In Comoros, just 40 out of more than 3400 hours of teacher training are devoted to preschool #RightfromtheStart

ECCE educators need inclusion training