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The Global Education Monitoring Report is an annual publication that monitors progress toward global education targets due to be achieved by 2030. Each year, the Report picks a particular theme that is topical and feeds into on-going debates about obstacles, bottlenecks or opportunities to be seized for education.

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Press material for the 2016 Report


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21/06/2017 World poverty could be cut in half if all adults completed secondary education
06/06/2017 The share of aid allocated to education has fallen for the sixth year in a row
20/04/2017 UNESCO paper shows governments not keeping pace with growing demand for higher education
17/01/2017 New UNESCO Report on School Violence and Bullying to be released at International Symposium on issue affecting millions worldwide
15/12/2016 Out of date textbooks put sustainable development at risk
04/10/2016 UNESCO report shows empowering women has huge benefits for the environment
06/09/2016 UNESCO: Education needs to fundamentally change if we are to reach our global development goals
06/09/2016 Sub-Saharan Africa Press Release
06/09/2016 North Africa Western Asia Press Release
15/07/2016 263 million children and youth are out of school from primary to upper secondary
20/05/2016 NEW: Refugee children are five times more likely to be out of school than others
25/04/2016 Latest aid figures show support to education falls again Latest
19/02/2016 40% don’t access education in a language they understand
19/01/2016 UNESCO presents new finance model that could triple the availability of textbooks
05/01/2016 UNESCO launches new brand and logo for the Global Monitoring Report
12/10/2015 Less than half of countries have achieved gender parity in education
12/10/2015 No country in sub-Saharan Africa has achieved gender parity in both primary and secondary education
06/07/2015 Out-of-school numbers rise as aid to education falls short of 2010 levels
29/06/2015 $2.3 billion required to send children to school in war-torn countries
09/04/2015 Education for All 2000-2015: Only a third of countries reached global education goals
10/03/2015 Gender-based violence in and around schools prevents millions of children worldwide from fulfilling their academic potential
06/10/2014 Wanted: Trained teachers to ensure every child’s right to primary education
16/09/2014 Sustainable development begins with education
26/06/2014 No progress in reducing global number of children out of school
16/06/2014 How long it will take to complete basic education depends on which African child you are
11/06/2014 Aid reductions threaten education goals
17/04/2014 Factsheet on disabilities and education
02/04/2014 UNESCO announces new director of EFA Global Monitoring Report
25/03/2014 Increasing tax revenues by tackling tax avoidance could help fill the education finance gap
10/03/2014 New global education goals must prioritize girls: 100 million young women unable to read a single sentence
29/01/2014 Global learning crisis is costing $129 billion a year
01/10/2013 Girls’ education – the facts
19/09/2013 New UNESCO data proves education transforms development
12/07/2013 UNESCO: Half of all out-of-school children live in
10/06/2013 New UNESCO data: Numbers out of school children stagnate while aid to basic education falls by six per cent in a year
07/05/2013 Natural resource revenue could reduce out of school numbers by 86% in 17 developing countries
26/04/2013 EFA Global Monitoring Report 2012 launch in India: 200 million young people fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work
15/03/2013 Funding gap for education growing, according to new figures released by UNESCO
21/01/2013 Private Sector contributions to education are less than 0.1% of profits of two of the world’s biggest oil companies
10/12/2012 New celebrity‐led youth campaign launched by the Global Monitoring
09/11/2012 As we approach 'Malala Day' on 10 November, the Global Monitoring Report reveals that Pakistan scores in the bottom ten of new country rankings for education for poor females
26/10/2012 Reaction to teacher training changes in the UK
23/10/2012 Reaction to the news that the Minister of Women and Children’s Affairs in Ghana has launched a campaign to promote girls enrolment into male dominated technical skills
18/10/2012 New report: Pakistan shows slowest progress getting poor girls into school in South & West Asia
16/10/2012 One in twelve of young people in East Asia and the Pacific fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work
16/10/2012 Arab States - Twenty percent of young people in the Arab States fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work
16/10/2012 One in twelve young people in Latin America and the Caribbean fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work
16/10/2012 Over one quarter of young people in South and West Asia fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work
16/10/2012 One third of young people in Sub-Saharan Africa fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work
16/10/2012 Tipping the balance: Girls out of school halved since 1999
16/10/2012 Twenty percent of young people in developing countries fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work
16/10/2012 Twenty percent of young New Yorkers out of school and out of work
16/10/2012 $1 invested in youth skills can pay back fifteen-fold in economic growth
16/10/2012 Almost four million young people in Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work