Vision statement

(July 2015) 2015-2030


World Education Forum (Republic of Korea), Incheon Declaration and Framework for Action Education 2030.


The Global Education Monitoring Report is an authoritative report that monitors progress toward the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on education and its associated targets, feeding into the overall follow up and review mechanism of the global SDG agenda. It also examines the links between progress in education and other SDG goals. It serves as a basis for the strategic development of government and NGO programs in education and as an indispensable evidence-based advocacy tool for holding the international community and governments to account for their international commitments and for promoting equitable and inclusive good-quality education and lifelong learning for all.


National and international policy-makers and officials; staff and members of civil society organisations; think tanks and research agencies; members of academia and future professional educators; the media; teachers, parents and youth; and all stakeholders advancing and implementing the broad sustainable development agenda.


Prepared by an independent team based at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the Global Education Monitoring Report is a collective endeavour, funded jointly by bilateral and multilateral agencies, UNESCO, corporations and other partners. It benefits from the advice of an international Advisory Board that meets annually. The Director of the Global Education Monitoring Report team takes full responsibility for the analysis and opinions expressed in the Report as well as for all design and visual elements.


Combining analytical rigour and scholarship with clarity of presentation and argument, the Global Education Monitoring Report charts progress, maps trends, identifies effective reforms and policies and focusses on particular topics and emerging issues. It assesses political commitment, raises awareness of challenges and constraints particularly relating to equity, and promotes specific national and international strategies and cooperation in relation to education.


Each Global Education Monitoring Report draws on recent and well-grounded evidence and a wide range of data sources including administrative data, learning assessments and household and school surveys.


The Global Education Monitoring Report draws on expertise and scholarship from a wide range of stakeholders – governments; UNESCO institutes, notably the UNESCO Institute for Statistics; non-government agencies; bilateral and multilateral agencies; independent scholars and research institutions worldwide.

Publication/ Other Outputs

The Global Education Monitoring Report is released on an annual basis, with its launch taking into account other important events on the international development calendar. Key findings and messages are further disseminated through other products, including summary reports, policy papers, regional overviews, the World Education Blog, and the World Inequality Database on Education.


The Global Education Monitoring Report builds on a well-established communication and consultation strategy to disseminate its findings at the global, regional and national level.