5th International Conference on Education Monitoring and Evaluation (China, Beijing)

Event Date

Manos Antoninis will present the 2017/8 GEM Report Accountability in education: Meeting our commitments at the 5th International Conference on Education Monitoring and Evaluation (ICEME 2018) which will be held in China, Beijing on 27-28 October 2018.

The ICEME 2018 will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the most recent research findings and practices in the field of educational monitoring and evaluation. Two main themes will be covered: (1) methods and techniques for assessment and evaluation; and (2) translation of assessment and evaluation results into effective actions. Moreover, the feasabilities and potential strategies for establishing an International Network of Educational Assessment and Evaluation will be discussed as a special issue during the conference.

The ICEME 2018 is hosted by the National Assessment Center for Education Quality from the Ministry of Education. ICEME aims at sharing the international experience and knowledge in the monitoring and evaluation of education systems. ICEME is organised every two years - first in China and then in France.


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