Education Profiles

The GEM Report is developing country profiles describing laws and policies on education. The first chapter in these profiles is dedicated to national efforts to promote inclusion in education, the theme of the 2020 GEM Report. Subsequent chapters added each year will reflect future themes of GEM Reports, including non-state actors in education (2021) and technology (2022).

These profiles are being developed to facilitate peer-learning and policy dialogue between countries, especially at the regional and sub-regional level. They will also enable more systematic monitoring of the implementation of national and international strategies to achieve SDG 4 – and allow for analysis of key trends in education.

Available profiles are listed below. All countries globally will be made publicly available in March 2020 for the release of the 2020 GEM Report. 

A framework used to develop the profiles is available in English, French and Spanish.


Governments are welcome to access and provide updates to the profiles by contacting

Sub-Saharan Africa

Northern Africa & Western Asia

Central & southern Asia

Eastern & South-Eastern Asia

Latin America & the Caribbean


Europe & Northern America