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  • New @GEMReport, @UNCHR and @EAA_Foundation paper shows over a 1/3 of highly educated immigrants are overqualified for their jobs, compared to a quarter of non-migrants #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste
  • Just released: New policy paper shows systems for recognizing immigrant’s qualifications and prior learning are inadequate #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste
  • 1/8 immigrants in Europe said that not having qualifications recognized is the biggest challenge they face, more so than inadequate language skills, discrimination, or visa restrictions #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste


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brain waste social mediaOnly 30% of those with higher education degrees in @OECD countries gained outside of Europe and North America work in high-skilled occupations #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

Only 1/3 of European countries had projects to validate prior learning targeted at immigrants #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

In the US nearly 1/4 immigrants with post-secondary degrees end up in low-skilled jobs or are unemployed #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

The cost of immigrant #BrainWaste in the US:  US$39 billion in foregone wages and US$10.2 billion in lost taxes Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

“Stories of immigrant doctors or teachers who are taxi drivers bring to light how much potential is being wasted the world over” - Ita Sheehy @UNHCR #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

“When fleeing a conflict, packing a diploma is likely not to be top of your mind. Systems need to be simpler and reduce the administrative hoops that refugees are being asked to jump through” – Manos Antoninis #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

brain wasteThere are some regional conventions or agreements created to improve the recognition of migrants and refugees’ qualifications, but most still face challenges #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

#BrainWaste prevention: Germany has a website on qualifications’ recognition, accessible in 9 languages, which receives 1 million visitors a year #BrainWaste Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

#BrainWaste prevention: In Flanders, Belgium, fees for recognition procedures are waived for displaced people Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

#BrainWaste prevention: Italy has set up an informal network of experts to help evaluate refugees’ qualifications Bit.ly/BRAINwaste

#BrainWaste prevention: Greece, Italy, Norway and the United Kingdom have worked with the Council of Europe to develop a European Qualifications Passport for Refugees Bit.ly/BRAINwaste