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New report by @UNESCOstat and the @GEMReport compiles countries’ #SDG4benchmarks showing they do not expect to achieve #SDG4 of inclusive and equitable quality #education and lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030 #EducationDay

The new #SDG4benchmarks defined by countries with @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport will reinvigorate the education agenda, providing national commitments for progress between now and 2030. Read the report: #EducationDay



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Reality check: Even before accounting for the damage done by #Covid-19, countries’ own #SDG4benchmarks show they do not expect to achieve universal completion of secondary education by 2030. #EducationDay



"These #SDG4benchmarks show that we must urgently prioritize education in national, regional, and global plans" says @GordonBrown "We must mobilize more financing and invest available resources more efficiently and equitably to reach our ultimate goal" #EducationDay



"Countries were at very different starting points when the SDG 4 targets were set. It was time for countries to reset the goal posts based on their own contexts" says @jmkikwete @GPforEducation about the new #SDG4Benchmarks #EducationDay

2/3 of countries have engaged in the process of setting benchmarks for #SDG4. We call on all countries to take part in this global process being convened by @UNESCOStat and @GEMReport #SDG4benchmarks #EducationDay


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Reality check: The new report by @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport on countries’ #SDG4benchmarks is a wakeup call. Despite substantial acceleration, millions will continue to miss out on school and learning in 2030. #EducationDay


Countries’ own #SDG4benchmarks in sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and West Asia show that roughly 2/3 children will be in early childhood education by 2030. Read more in @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport report #EducationDay

Countries’ own #SDG4benchmarks in Latin America & the Caribbean and Central & S. Asia show they are determined to achieve universal early childhood #education by 2030. Read the new report by @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport #EducationDay


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Countries’ own #SDG4benchmarks in sub-Saharan Africa show that 8% of children of primary school age will still be out of school in 2030, according to the @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport #SDG4benchmarks report. #EducationDay


By 2030, countries #SDG4benchmarks in sub-Saharan Africa show they expect to be able to reduce the rate of out-of-school upper secondary age youth from 47% to 32%. Read the #SDG4benchmarks report by @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport  #EducationDay


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The new #SDG4benchmarks defined by countries show they expect a third will still not have basic mathematics skills by the end of lower secondary education in 2030. Read the new @UNESCOstat @GEMReport #SDG4benchmarks report #EducationDay


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Countries’ new #SDG4benchmarks show that they expect to be able to increase the percentage of trained teachers to over 90% in all education levels by 2030. Read more in the @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport #SDG4benchmarks report #EducationDay


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The #SDG4benchmarks report by @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport shows why national #SDG4 benchmarks are needed and how they were developed. Read more #EducationDay

While #SDG4 is unlikely to be achieved according to countries’ own estimations, facing up to this reality by no means dilutes the agenda. Read the #SDG4benchmarks report by @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport #EducationDay

The #SDG4 benchmarks are the clearest indication yet of country commitment. They will rally action behind the agenda. Read the #SDG4benchmarks report by @UNESCOstat and @GEMReport #EducationDay

The #SDG4 benchmarks are a stark reminder of the importance of setting national education targets and of properly financing them, particularly in the face of #COVID-19 @UNESCOstat @GEMReport #SDG4benchmarks  #EducationDay

Setting #SD4benchmarks for #education progress until 2030 reiterates countries’ commitment to #SDG4 and reinvigorates the agenda. We call on all countries that have not yet participated to do so. @UNESCOStat @GEMReport  #EducationDay

The new national #SDG4benchmarks are an important advocacy tool for all those working on the education agenda. See what your country has committed to achieve by 2030. Read the @UISStat and @GEMReport report  #EducationDay


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