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Two new publications:

  • Beyond Commitments: How to implement SDG 4 by the GEM Report team under the auspices of the SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee: Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019
  • Meeting Commitments: Are countries on track to achieve SDG 4? by the UIS and GEM Report: Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019
  • Key messages document

Key Tweets

  • New: First ever projections by @UNESCOStat and @GEMReport show the world is off track in achieving #SDG4. We need rapid acceleration – it’s time to #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019 #HLPF2019 (infographic)
  • ‼ Ring the alarm ‼ Generation 2030 should now be entering school but at current rates 1 in 6 will still be out of school at the deadline. The time has come to #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019 #HLPF2019 (infographic)
  • The world is off-track in its education commitments: by 2030, 4/10 young people will not be completing secondary education. See the new projections by @UNESCOStat and @GEMReport #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019
  • If we do not achieve the education goal, the other global goals will not be achieved either. Let’s all #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/SDG4all2019 #HLPF2019
  • New @GEMReport publication shows if countries match their plans with their commitments now, they can get back on track by 2030 #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019
  • Find out what policies countries have put in place since 2015 to help achieve the global education goal, #SDG 4 in new @GEMReport #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019 #HLPF2019
  • New @GEMReport publication recommends countries assess their policies by these 6 key areas to ensure their plans align with education commitments:

Beyond averages

Beyond access

Beyond basics

Beyond schooling

Beyond education

Beyond countries


Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019 (infographic)



We have to #CommitToEducation. First projections by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring Report show the world is off track in meeting its education commitments by 2030. Countries should match their education plans with their global commitments and invest in education to get back on track. Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019


A third of the way to the 2030 deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals, new UNESCO projections prepared for the UN High-level Political Forum show that the world will fail its education commitments without a rapid acceleration of progress. In 2030, when all children should be in school, one in six aged 6-17 will still be excluded. Many children are still dropping out: by 2030, it is expected four in ten young people will still not be completing secondary education. We all need to #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019


Meeting Commitments: Are countries on track to achieve SDG 4?

  • We are entering the last decade of the #Agenda2030 for Sustainable Development but the world is VERY behind on its education commitments. It’s time to #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019 #HLPF2019
  • #SDG4 calls on countries to ensure that children are not only going to school but also learning, yet the proportion of trained teachers in sub-Saharan Africa has been falling since 2000 #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019
  • Only 4% of the poorest 20% complete upper secondary school in low-income countries, compared to 36% of the richest. The gap is even wider in lower-middle-income countries. The time has come to #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019 (infographic)
  • New report by @GEMReport and @UNESCOStat warns that without speedy acceleration 20% of young people and 30% of adults in low-income countries will still be unable to read by 2030. Let’s work together and #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019 (infographic)
  • Too many students struggle to read. If current trends continue, learning rates will stagnate in middle-income countries and drop by almost one-third in Francophone African countries by 2030. #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019
  • Greater investment is needed to achieve the education goal and monitor countries’ progress towards #SDG4 #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019
  • Currently, fewer than half of countries are able to report the data needed to produce key SDG 4 indicators, including learning outcomes in primary and secondary education. It’s time to #FundData and #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019
  • There is an annual finance gap of $39 billion to meet the #SDG4 education goal, but aid to education has stagnated since 2010 #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/meetingcommitments2019 (infographic)


Beyond Commitments: How to implement SDG 4

  • Read about the countries who have aligned their national education policies to #SDG4 in new @GEMReport publication Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019 #CommitToEducation
  • The weakest synergies between countries’ plans and their education commitments are seen in the lack of cross-sectoral collaboration #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019 #HLPF2019 (infographic)
  • Good job! More and more countries are starting to use learning assessments to look at trends over time and use them to improve education quality #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019 (infographic)
  • Inclusion should encompass all learners but many countries take it to refer to just one vulnerable group. #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019
  • A good start! Many countries are adapting their curricula to cover #SDG target 4.7 in the education goal #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019
  • We must look beyond averages. Ministries of education must monitor disparity to elaborate inclusion policies to achieve #SDG4 #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019 (infographic)
  • We need content fit for sustainable development and curriculum development that is participatory to encourage national ownership #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019 (infographic)
  • A range of approaches is needed to link formal and non-formal education opportunities to ensure lifelong learning for all #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019 (infographic)
  • Peer networks for education are global public goods. They need to be properly funded #CommitToEducation Bit.ly/beyondcommitments2019 (infographic)