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2020 GEM Report Pre-launch campaigns

Help us spread the word and build momentum ahead of the launch of the 2020 GEM Report on 23 June by sharing these messages on social media.


GEM Report global virtual launch:sign-up for launch social card


Join @GEMReport’s first ever virtual global launch to hear from inclusion champions, ministers, teachers and celebrities from across the world whose stories and efforts go to the very heart of the theme of the 2020 GEM Report - inclusion. #AllMeansALL [Click to Tweet]







Join the @GEMReport and @WorldBank high-level dialogue on 25 June looking at the importance of partnering to ensure a world bank gem launch signupfocus on inclusion in education in the aftermath of the pandemic.#AllMeansALL [Click to Tweet]








Champions for inclusion #AllMeansALL stories:


2020 @GEMReport inclusion champions: Hear from the GEM Report's ten global Champions for inclusion as they share their #AllMeansAll stories in the lead up to the launch. [Click to Tweet]

#AllMeansALL - Cristiane Cerdera: students need to be able to openly discuss sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in school. [Click to Tweet]

#AllMeansALL - Jane Bouvier: helping Roma children access their right to education. [Click to Tweet]

#AllMeansALL - Daniela Galindo: working for inclusion in Colombia through communication tools. [Click to Tweet]

#AllMeansALL - Alejandro Calleja: A father fighting for his son’s right to an inclusive education in Spain. [Click to Tweet]

#AllMeansALL - Suraj Yengde: Trying to leave his caste behind him to pursue his education. [Click to Tweet]

#AllMeansALL - Sabine Kreutzer: putting the child at the centre in school models in Germany. [Click to Tweet]

#AllMeansALL - Colin Northmore: Helping immigrant students in South Africa exercise their right to education. [Click to Tweet]

#AllMeansALL - Silvana Corso: Training teachers in inclusive education tools in Argentina and around world. [Click to Tweet]

#AllMeansALL Photo Series:


2020 @GEMReport photo series: Be sure to follow the Report on Instagram to see the images from the 2020 GEM Report #AllMeansALL photo series - [Click to Tweet]



Have your say:twitter chat social card

Pose a question on inclusion and education to your minister of education. In June the GEM Report will launch a two-week Twitter campaign for education stakeholders and youth to pose questions to ministers of education from sub-Saharan Africa. The GEM Report will interview the ministers and share their responses to the questions you pose in a podcast series released later in the month.

Twitter handles of participating Ministers:

@MatthewOPrempeh (Ghana)

@dsengeh (Sierra Leone)


Dear Minister [enter your education minister’s @ handle here], the @GEMReport is releasing its 2020 report on inclusion and education. [Pose your question on inclusion and education here]. #AllMeansALL [Click to Tweet]




Your Questions Answered by academics:academic questions answered social card

Take part in a session designed for academics to have Your Questions Answered on the 2020 GEM Report in a written live online discussion on 29 June. The series will offer academics a direct line of communication with the GEM Report’s authors all day, who will respond to your questions and reactions to the Report's new evidence, data and recommendations. It will be hosted on the GEM Report's World Education Blog, with queries and answers posted as comments - and replies to comments - and public for all to see. To confirm your interest in taking part email







Signup campaign:sign-up for launch social card

The #2020GEMReport will be released on 23 June 2020, and will address inclusion and education, drawing attention to all those excluded from education.

Sign up to receive your copy as soon as it is released: ➡️


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