Global Citizenship Education

Nurturing respect for all, building a sense of belonging to a common humanity and helping learners become responsible and active global citizens.

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  • What is Global Citizenship?

    There are different interpretations of the notion of 'global citizenship'. A common understanding is that it is a sense of belonging to a broader community, beyond national boundaries, that emphasises our common humanity and draws on the interconnectedness between the local and the global, the national and the international. The term “Global Citizenship” is not new. It has been more widely used and promoted since the launch of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) in 2012, which identified “fostering global citizenship” as one of its three priority areas of work, along with access to, and quality of, education. For UNESCO, global citizens are individuals who think and act for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. Ref: Global Citizenship Education: Preparing learners for the challenges of the twenty-first century p.14 


Team at UNESCO Headquarters 

  • Ms. Theophania CHAVATZIA
  • Mr. Karel FRACAPANE
  • Ms. Alice MAUSKE
  • Ms. Joyce POAN
  • Ms. Lydia RUPRECHT

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