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Empowering and mobilizing youth





"Multiply ESD actions among youth"
Central to envisioning and shaping a more sustainable future is youth – the generation that must not only cope with the consequences of unsustainable development today, but also bear the brunt of unsustainable development tomorrow. Youth in many emerging countries are now clamouring for a greater say in how their societies are being configured. Youth also make up an important group in consumer societies, and the habits they develop now will have a major impact on future consumption patterns. The young have the potential to propel sustainable development more widely and urgently.
  • Public-private partnerships develop free smart phone apps that provide information on ESD and sustainable lifestyles
  • Youth organizations build a global coalition for youth on sustainable lifestyles
Actions in this Priority Action Area include providing young people with opportunities to harness the enormous benefits of information and communication technologies including social media, not only for learning, but also for networking. Promising approaches include e-learning on ESD and on-line platforms where young people can share their own ideas and actions on sustainable consumption and sustainable lifestyles. Mass mobilisation of youth towards sustainable development requires empowering youth with information on the impacts of their daily choices and actions, while tapping into their creativity and determination to find workable and innovative solutions and alternatives.
Expected outcomes include more quality e-learning opportunities for youth; youth participating in and contributing to ESD advocacy, policy development and implementation at local, national and international levels; and more youth-led ESD activities.
Main stakeholders are youth between 15 and 24. Today more than one billion people fall within that age bracket, the largest group ever to make the transition to adulthood. Youth, including activists and leaders, are both beneficiaries and drivers of this Priority Action Area. Stakeholders include youth-focused and youth-led organizations, as well as institutions that serve youth in the public and private sectors, ranging from mass media and faith-based organisations to local and national governments.
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