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Building capacities of educators and trainers



" Increase the capacities of educators and trainers to more effectively deliver ESD"
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Educators and trainers are powerful agents of change for delivering the educational response to sustainable development. But for them to help usher in the transition to a sustainable society, they must first acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. To address sustainable development issues, they must also develop the requisite motivation and commitment. The third Priority Action Area is about building the capacity of these change agents to facilitate ESD.


  • Teacher education institutions deliver pre-service and in-service training on ESD
  • National TVET agencies build the capacity of TVET teachers and trainers to address ESD

Actions in this Priority Action Area include integrating ESD into pre-service and inservice teacher education, and into training for early childhood, primary and secondary schools and TVET institutions. At post-secondary level, higher education institutions can also integrate ESD into faculty training, to improve the ability of the faculty to teach sustainability issues and to conduct and supervise related research. Another useful action area is introducing a sustainability lens to the professional development programmes for educators, trainers and staff members of various private institutions.

Expected outcomes include, among others, ESD integrated into pre-service and inservice teacher education programmes (such as training certification and accreditation standards aligned with the ESD concept, and ESD incorporated into TVET training programmes); and the capacity of education and training institutions for teachers and trainers (such as professional ESD workshops for faculty) enhanced. 


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