Track Global Action Programme commitments around the world

Following the World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development stakeholders are continuing to make commitments to support the Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD.

GAP Launch Commitments are plans for concrete activities that support one or more of the five Priority Action Areas. They can be activities targeting specific beneficiaries and/or ESD stakeholders, including advocacy and/or fund-raising efforts.

Stakeholders making GAP Launch Commitments can be organizations or institutions from countries or from regional or global communities, including public and private, formal and non-formal, and education and non-education sectors.

Stakeholders with large-scale activities that go beyond the national level were particularly encouraged to submit a GAP Launch Commitment.

For UNESCO, GAP Launch Commitments help identify partners with whom it can form partner networks. GAP Launch Commitments will also provide an important basis for the periodic reporting on GAP implementation planned by UNESCO. Interested stakeholders can still submit a GAP Commitment [doc] to esddecade(at) (indicating ‘GAP Commitment’ in the email subject line).

Details of the GAP are provided in a Roadmap for the Implementation of the GAP on ESD launched at the UNESCO World Conference on ESD in Japan