Turn it Around! Flashcards for Education Futures

Turn it Around! Flashcards for Education Futures
  • Tell leaders what you want them to know (or remember) when they make decisions about your future.
  • Tell leaders why climate education should be included in your learning today.
  • Describe something that you can learn in nature that you cannot learn from school.
  • What do we need to learn to ensure we and our planet thrive and survive?
  • Tell policymakers about your non-human teachers (i.e., animals, plants, nature, ancestors, technology, etc.). What do they teach you and how?
  • Share a lesson that you have learned from your ancestors that you want to pass on to future generations.
  • Let other youth know where you find hope and resilience as you face an uncertain future. What excites you about the future?

The UNESCO Futures of Education initiative partnered with Arizona State University, the Artists' Literacies Institute, and the Open Society Foundations to develop the Turn it Around! Flashcards for Education Futures: a learning tool for adults, made by youth, to reimagine the approach to education, and people's relationship with nature and the living world during this time of climate crisis.

Young artists, writers, and thought leaders were invited to reflect on the seven themes outlined above and contribute artwork for a deck of flashcards, which display climate crisis inspired artwork created by youth on one side, and motives, actions, and facts for policy makers to guide their decision making, on the other side.

Unlike the traditional unidirectional way of using flashcards – designed by adults for children – this deck of flashcards was designed by youth for education policymakers, politicians, and educators to challenge them to think, see, and act in new ways. By reversing the learning flow and dynamics, this project mobilizes the power of socially engaged art to move people into action and reminds us that everyone – and everything – must change.

Click here for more information and the recording of a panel discussion on the project with the creators.

Visit the Turn it Around Cards website to explore the flashcards and learn how to

create and submit your own!

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