New Webinar Series: Perspectives from teachers, students and parents on the futures of education with UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet)


For more than a year now, the global health crisis caused by COVID-19 has been affecting us all, in multiple ways. This includes our education systemshow people learn, where people learn and even what people learn has changed for students almost everywhere around the globe.

In the last six months, UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) have mobilized several thousands of teachers, students and their parents from across the globe to engage in joint reflections about education in the future. How can education promote sustainable development (ESD) and global citizenship (GCED), not only today but also tomorrow? How should what, how and where we learn evolve in the future?

We invite you to learn more about the good practices and innovative ideas that came out of these discussions through the Futures of Education x ASPnet Webinar Series.

Join our teachers, students and parents from all regions of the world! Webinar dates and languages, as well as the registration links are below. All webinars will take place on Zoom.


The webinars will involve dialogue between panelists and student spotlights and will provide an opportunity for the audience to engage with the speakers.



The Futures of Education X ASPnet Webinar Series on the futures of education aims at exploring perspectives from teachers, students and parents on how education needs to be reimagined looking towards 2050 and beyond. Learn more about the Futures of Education initiative and the Associated Schools Network.


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