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The Reimagining our futures together: A new social contract for education calls for collective action to transform education, and contribute to a rebalancing of our relationships with each other, with the planet, and with technology. It was built through a co-construction process that engaged over a million people from around the world. And now UNESCO needs you to help transform education.

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The International Commission on the Futures of Education proposes that transforming education is a task of renewal. We do not need to start from scratch, but we do need to base our efforts on our values and on what we know.

The report proposes three key questions to be taken up in mobilization needed for educational transformation:

group discussion
What do we do now in education that should be continued?
What do we do now in education that should be abandoned?
What in education needs to be reinvented afresh?

These questions were designed to be taken up by individuals and groups. They need to be answered by students, parents, teachers, people who have been pushed out of schools – as well as by community leaders, policy makers – in fact, by anyone with an interest in education and our shared futures!

Share your ideas and thoughts with us.

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Your survey responses will help inform the Transforming Education Summit being convened by the UN Secretary General for September 2022.

Get organized and get others organized

We also invite you to organize your own events (in-person or online) to discuss the report and ways to build a new social contract for education. What do the report's visions and recommendations mean for you?  for education in your community? Share your reactions, ideas, and comments with your community.

There are many resources at your disposal including PowerPoint presentations and videos about the Futures of Education initiative to help you organize these discussions.

Please also download this discussion guide which is designed for a group of people to spend some time discussing the three questions mentioned above – which are the same questions that the Commission itself asked: what should continue, what should be abandoned, and what should be reinvented afresh?  But then there is a fourth key question: what will you do next? Think about who you can bring on board. Who is not part of the conversation and needs the opportunity to join?  How will you bring about the changes you have identified – how will you transform the future!

If you decide to organize an event, please be sure to let us know. We publish many stories about Futures of Education conversations and ideas as News items on this website. Also make sure to write up key conclusions and suggestions from your discussions. Publish your ideas on a blog, put them in an op-ed, and share those with us at

We will build a new social contract for education
through millions of individual and collective acts
acts of courage, leadership, resistance, creativity, and care

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