Views on the futures of education from around the world

The Futures of Education initiative is sparking conversations on how knowledge and learning can shape the future of humanity and the planet. How should education be re-thought in the light of the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century? UNESCO has received views from around the world and we invite you to submit your own ideas as well.  These written contributions are shared with the International Commission on the Futures of Education and will help to shape the upcoming global report (to be released in late 2021).  Take a moment to examine the written submissions yourself – find inspiration, be challenged, and join the global discussion on the futures of education!

What is the major, key issue for the futures of education?

The opinions expressed here are those of the authors. These are not necessarily those of UNESCO and do not commit the Organization.

Pouye Babacar, Senegal
« 2050, c'est demain. Aujourd'hui doit nous aider à penser et à construire demain. Notr ... »
« NUEVA EDUCACIÓN; NUEVO PARADIGMA EDUCATIVO 2050 Miguel Angel Franco. Guatemala, agosto 2020 Si ... »
« Si se toma en cuenta los retos y desafíos del contexto educativo mundial particularmente de mi pa ... »
Claudia María Zepeda Padilla, Nicaragua
« Considero que la educación de calidad basado en el respeto a la dignidad de la persona que se refl ... »
« Sortear los cambios de comportamiento, educar aún en el distanciamiento y enajenación de las y los ... »
JORONDRAZANA Odes Graciella, Madagascar
« À mon avis, les problématiques clés pour les futurs de l'éducation restent en premier lieu l& ... »


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