Global Futures Literacy Network

The Global Futures Literacy Network is a diverse community of futures researchers, practitioners, and supporters, ranging from the 20 UNESCO Chairs in Futures Studies and Futures Literacy, to the High-Level Committee on Programs (HLCP) Foresight Network. Spanning across the globe in academic and government institutions, as well as businesses and NGOs, the network shares design practices, resources, ongoing work and progress updates in order to advance Futures Literacy.


UNESCO Chairs in Futures Studies and Futures Literacy

Over the last 8 years a new coalition of UNESCO Chairs has emerged. The conviction is humanity requires a better understanding of why and how we imagine the future. This community of UNESCO Chairs is dedicated to exploring the origins and role of the images of the future that inspire hope and fear.  Each Chair has both a specific focus, shaped by local priorities, and a global vocation, inspired by a shared conviction. Through research, learning and community engagement the UNESCO Chairs are advancing the theory and practice of using-the-future. Conducting analytical and theoretical research that is producing evidence of the diversity of humanity’s anticipatory systems and processes.

Building capabilities amongst students and diverse communities that cultivates more effective and efficient use-of-the future. Working directly with people in their local context to understand the origins of the hopes and fears that shape what people see and drive what people do. The work of these UNESCO Chairs is creating a Global Futures Literacy Network. There are 20 Chairs across regions, countries, and cities.

Futures Literacy Labs (FLLs) and Chairs