Employment opportunities for cultural heritage safeguarding in Jordan

Project name :

Employment opportunities for cultural heritage safeguarding in Jordan

Location :

Petra & Rihab, Jordan
The “Employment opportunities for cultural heritage safeguarding in Jordan” project seeks to promote sustainable socio-economic development through a two-pronged approach, focusing on investing in cultural heritage preservation, while also creating short-term decent job opportunities.

The project uses a Cash for Work (CfW) mechanism that links humanitarian and development assistance, mitigating the immediate need for employment creation among young vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees (70% Jordanians and 30% Syrians), while also paving the way for longer term investments in cultural heritage preservation.

Implemented by the UNESCO Amman office and “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH” (GIZ), the project is part of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany (BMZ) Special Initiative ‘Tackling the root causes of migration, stabilizing host regions, supporting refugees.’ It aims to leverage culture to enhance resilience in local communities.

The project provides short-term employment opportunities to vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees living in host communities located in the vicinity of the Petra World Heritage site and Rihab village. These locations in North and South Jordan are rich in archaeological heritage. On-the-job training will be provided to the CfW beneficiaries, improving their future employability.

By promoting greater community engagement in the rehabilitation and conservation of the heritage sites in Jordan through this initiative, UNESCO aims to ensure that a larger section of the local community benefits from revenue generated by tourism. Over the long term, the project aims to promote sustainable tourism, strengthening Jordan’s economy and improving the capacity of the local economy to absorb labor.

270 People

Engaged in Cash for Work Activities

2 sides

Cleaned in the Petra 'Siq"

2 trails

Targeted for rehabilitation efforts

3 churches

Targeted for conservation efforts