About UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe

As the only UNESCO field office in the region with a specific mandate on programme development and implementation, our task is to facilitate the advancement of the overall UNESCO programme. This is done through specialised as well as interdisciplinary actions in the field of culture and natural sciences, to foster sustainable development, dialogue, reconciliation, and cooperation, with special focus on South-East Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

The bureau includes an Antenna in Sarajevo, responsible for implementation of the activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also has education expertise and hosts a component of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO dedicated to Ocean Literacy.

Our activities strive in helping the region achieve sustainable development by 2030.

In Science, our action is centred on Biosphere Reserves and Global Geoparks as learning and model sites for sustainable development, integrated water and natural resource management in transboundary basins, multi-hazard disaster risk reduction, and science diplomacy.

In Culture, we work on World Heritage management, intangible cultural heritage, emergency preparedness and response, enhancing culture for sustainable development, fighting illicit traffic of cultural property, promoting culture as a tool for mutual understanding and dialogue, and fostering regional integration through cultural cooperation.

The interdisciplinary capacity of the bureau also allows us to develop activities on transversal priorities such as education for sustainable development, preventing violent extremism and integrated management of cultural and natural resources.

We also actively contribute to UN coordination activities at regional and country levels.

Where we work

The bureau is uniquely positioned to deliver assistance in the context of each country, and at regional level, leveraging on its expertise and a vast network of partners. Our location in Venice provides a unique opportunity for support from the national and local authorities for the benefit of the region. Our coverage includes South-East Europe and part of the Mediterranean region : Albania; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Greece; Malta; Montenegro; Republic of Moldova; Romania; Serbia; Slovenia; North Macedonia; and, Türkiye. Our purview covers Kosovo* (as defined by UNSCR 1244, 1999).


Ana Luiza Massot Thompson-Flores
Director of Office

Office of the Director

Anne Ajoux
Communication Officer
+39 041 260 15 22
Wally Merotto
Coordination Officer
+39 041 260 15 27
Benedetta Colasanti
Assistant to the Director
+ 39 041 260 15 20

Technical team

Beatrice Kaldun
Regional Culture Advisor. Head, Culture unit
+ 39 041 260 15 58
Jonathan Baker
Regional Science Advisor. Head, Science unit
+ 39 041 260 15 12
Sinisa Sesum
Head, Antenna in Sarajevo
+387 33 222 796

Megumi Watanabe
Programme Specialist, Education
+39 041 260 15 65
Francesca Santoro
Senior Programme Officer, IOC
+ 39 041 260 15 39
Matteo Rosati
Programme Officer, Culture & Intersectoral
+ 39 041 260 15 35

Francesca Bampa
Project Officer, Science
+39 041 260 15 26
Jing Fang
Associate Programme Specialist, Science
+39 041 260 15 38
Costanza Fidelbo
Assistant Project Officer, Culture
+39 041 260 1561

Alma Mrgan-Slipicevic
Project Officer, Culture, Antenna in Sarajevo
Melisa Durak
Project Officer, Communication & Information, Antenna in Sarajevo
+387 33 222 796
Laura Bortolutti
Assistant Project Officer, Education
+ 39 041 260 15 17

Borislav Vukojevic
Media Information Literacy Consultant, Antenna in Sarajevo
+387 33 222 796
Joshua Massarenti
National Project Officer (Coordinator)
Iuliia Kozlova
Assistant Project Officer, Science
+39 041 260 15 74


Marina Gilebbi
Programme Assistant, Science
+39 041 260 15 21
Laura de Stefani
Programme Assistant, Culture
+ 39 041 260 15 36
Maja Nikolic
Office Assistant, Antenna in Sarajevo
+387 33 222 796

Lejla Hrelja
Senior Secretary, Antenna in Sarajevo
+387 33 222 796
Lisa Santato
Programme Assistant, IOC
+ 39 041 260 15 32
Amila Mrgan-slipicevic
Programme Assistant, Antenna in Sarajevo

Zhi Ye
Programme Assistant, Culture
+39 041 260 15 43
Emilie Fiorucci
Assistant, Archives
+ 39 041 260 15 37
Lidia Fernandes Pereira
Assistant, Communication
+ 39 041 260 15 54

Finance & Administration

Mohammad Taufiq
Finance & Administrative Officer
+ 39 041 260 15 11
Claudio Vincenzi
Office Assistant
+39 041 260 15 42
Elie Ayoub
Administrative Assistant
+39 041 260 15 18

Gianni Torre
Junior IT assistant
+39 041 260 15 14


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