About UNESCO office in San José

This Office, based in San José, has official representation before five Member States: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

Its mission is to foster sustainable development, democracy and peace at the regional level through the promotion of universal education, peace and culture. The objective of this office is to implement UNESCO's mandate according to the needs of each country.

It shares experience and knowledge in each area of UNESCO (Education, Natural Sciences, Culture, Social and Human Sciences and Communication and Information). It also works to strengthen cooperation with the Member States, UN agencies, civil society, and others.

This Cluster Office is committed to regional and sub-regional integration and cooperation in UNESCO's mandated areas.


The UNESCO Cluster Office in Costa Rica was established in 1983 to focus especially on education issues. In 2002 it formally became a Sub-Regional or Cluster Office. 

The Office has a person responsible for each of UNESCO's areas of work: Education, Natural Sciences, Human and Social Sciences, Culture and Communication and Information, who are responsible for directing and coordinating the development of joint programs and the different activities for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. 


Francesc Pedró
Director a.i. and Representative
+506 20103800

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