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One of the lessons learned from the MoEYS 2015 National Literacy Campaign, was that most of the literacy learners had moved to urban areas to benefit from employment and better economic opportunities in garment and manufacturing industries. Further, the 2013 report by Ministry of Planning on Women and Migration in Cambodia showed that 85 per cent of the 605,000 workers in garment and footwear factories were women, of whom 14 per cent were illiterate and 29 per cent demonstrated low levels of literacy. These young people have low level of literacy skills as they have dropped out of school without completing primary or basic education.

Targeting these workers, Cambodia’s Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS), with support from UNESCO, developed a special literacy initiative for factories, referred to as the Factory Literacy Programme (FLP). The programme was initiated with support from UNESCO’s Capacity Strengthening for Education 2030 (CapED) Programme (formerly CapEFA) and subsequently funded through the UNESCO Malala Fund for Girls’ Right to Education. 

The FLP enables young women and girls working in factories to acquire basic functional literacy skills and empower them to be better understand their rights and responsibilities. At the same time, it supports the government and the factories to promote Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Cooperate Social Responsibility (CxSR) in Cambodia.

During the 2016 – 2018, a tailor-made functional literacy package was developed for the adult workers incorporating components of functional literacy skills required, particularly for the female learners to cope with the challenges day to day of urban life. The Factory Literacy Program funded by UNESCO the NLP is delivered in factories; so far MoEYS master trainers have trained 47 Literacy Facilitators employed by 25 Factories in 9 Provinces, enrolling 1,783  learners (90% are women).


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Vutha LAY

National Programme Officer