Water Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Water Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean

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UNESCO Montevideo Office, Luis Piera 1992, 2nd floor, 11200, Montevideo, Uruguay
Contributing to awareness-raising, capacity development and decision making for water governance across the Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean (IHP-LAC)

The Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP) is a cooperative scientific programme under which UNESCO supports research, education and capacity development for water resource management.


From UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science in Latin America and the Caribbean in Montevideo, IHP-LAC runs regional and local initiatives by engaging with the involved countries through National Committees and Focal Points, within the framework of the programme objectives and using its implementation mechanisms.


Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme: serving the region for more than 50 years


During its early days, IHP focused on developing techniques, methodologies and approaches to identify and measure the water regime components to explore the hydrological processes better.

While the overall programme objectives remain relevant, there has been a gradual shift towards recognising the role of water resource management in achieving sustainable development and adapting water sciences to changing climatic and environmental conditions.

Over the years, IHP has dramatically evolved by integrating the social sciences into a comprehensive programme based on the awareness that solving water-related problems should be a multidisciplinary endeavour.

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