About the UNESCO Office in Montevideo

The UNESCO Office in Montevideo was established shortly after the birth of the Organization at the global level, under the name of the UNESCO Centre for Scientific Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was the first UNESCO centre for scientific cooperation in the world.

It arose in response to a request from the Second General Conference of UNESCO held in 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to convene leading experts to advise the Organization on how best to help advance science in Latin America. In 1949, the world's first UNESCO Centre for Scientific Co-operation was established: the Regional Bureau for Science and Technology for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Montevideo.

With more than six decades of existence, the Office has seen its functions and challenges increase and today its action is revealed through a large number of projects involving governments, social organizations, and citizens of 33 countries and 4 Associate Members from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Now as then, with renewed tools and structures, the UNESCO Montevideo office continues to work on what was the seed of its creation: building peace in the minds of women and men through education, culture, natural and social sciences, and communication.


Ms. Lidia Brito
Director of UNESCO's Regional Bureau for Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean
Ms. Corina Gugasot de Rodriguez
Director's Assistant