Water security in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Water security in Latin America and the Caribbean

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0 - 100K$

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Montevideo, Uruguay
Attaining water security in Latin America and the Caribbean, based on the contribution of IHP-LAC Working Groups

Experts work to achieve water security in Latin America and the Caribbean

Challenges on how to achieve water security reach local, regional and global dimensions. When quantity and quality for ecosystems and vital systems are adequate, water is key to reducing poverty and boosting social, economic and environmental development.

Water security is increasingly becoming more complex and urgent as a result of demographic growth, water quality degradation, land-use changes, and the rising impact of floods, droughts and other climate change-related hydrological effects.

The Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme is currently implementing its Phase IX 2022-2029, “Science for a Water Secure World in a Changing Environment”,  covering a broad spectrum of themes as follows:

  • Theme 1: Scientific Research and innovation
  • Theme 2: Water education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution including Sustainability
  • Theme 3: Bridging the data-knowledge gap
  • Theme 4: Integrated water management under conditions of global change
  • Theme 5: Water governance based on science for mitigation, adaptation, and resilience

In Latin America and the Caribbean, IHP implements the Phase IX strategy alongside Working Groups of experts and government officials, who also support fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 6.

Based on their expertise, the Working Groups conduct research, training efforts, publications and fieldwork to contribute to the IHP Phase IX themes. Their work contributes to scientific findings and human and institutional capacity building and encourages international and interdisciplinary cooperation. Furthermore, they enhance the quality of life across regional communities and ecosystems