Why Partner with UNESCO

UNESCO Kathmandu Office

UNESCO Kathmandu Office contributes to building peace, alleviating poverty, and fostering sustainable development and intercultural dialogue in Nepal through education, science, culture, communication and information. The Office works to attain quality education for all, focusing on gender equality and adult literacy, mobilize scientific knowledge, preserve cultural heritage, promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, and promote press freedom, freedom of expression, media development and the rights and safety of journalists.

The Office has built up close partnership with a wide range of stakeholders such as governmental authorities, private sector, civil society organizations, community-based organizations, and universities, UN agencies and the media.

The Office actively participates in the work of the UN Country Team in Nepal and closely cooperates with other development partners in the country.

Donors’ visibility across Local, National and Global Levels

UNESCO Kathmandu Office is grateful for the generous contributions of donors that enable UNESCO’s ongoing work towards its mandate and the Sustainable Development Goals. Various actions can be taken to enhance donors’ visibility, including but not limited to press releases, donors’ logo presence on dissemination materials as well as in project activities and deliverables, and exposure on the website and social media.

Donors can meaningfully and effectively engage in joint projects through the designing, implementation and conclusion phases. UNESCO is able to develop efficient projects in consideration of donors’ reasonable requests to meet their goals and objectives.

Partner with UNESCO

UNESCO implements with its partners over 240 programmes in Asia and the Pacific to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The Kathmandu Office's key partners are: