About UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

The UNESCO Office in Kathmandu was established in 1998. Since then, the Office has grown into an established programme and advocacy agency in UNESCO's fields of competence, namely education, sciences, culture, communication and information, with the aim to contributing to building peace, alleviating poverty, and fostering sustainable development and intercultural dialogue.

UNESCO works to attain quality education for all, focusing on women empowerment and literacy, to rehabilitate cultural heritage after the earthquake, promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, to mobilize scientific knowledge, to promote press freedom, freedom of expression, media development and to advocate for the rights and safety of journalists.

To achieve these objectives, UNESCO actively participates in the work of the UN Country Team in Nepal and closely cooperates with other development partners in the country.

Christian Manhart, UNESCO Representative to Nepal and Head of the Office

Manhart has a Masters in art history and archaeology. At UNESCO he was mostly working for the conservation of historical sites in South and Central Asia, such as the Taj Mahal in India, Chogha Zanbil in Iran, or Bamiyan in Afghanistan. For several years he conducted projects initiated by the Director-General in the Mediterranean to enhance social cohesion in cities. In 2005, he has been appointed to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre as chief of

communication and partnerships, and later in charge of museums and international cultural conventions (Conventions of 1954, 1970, 2001 and the Intergovernmental Committee for Return and Restitution of Cultural Property). Since August 2014, he is UNESCO’s representative to Nepal.

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