Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project

Project name :

Protection and Promotion of Cultural Heritage of Punjab for Sustainable Tourism and Economic Growth

Budget :

1M$ - 5M$

Location :

UNESCO Islamabad, initiated this intervention in collaboration with the Government of Punjab, under the Punjab Tourism and Economic Growth Project, funded through a World Bank loan.

This project is centered on improving the management of cultural heritage sites in Punjab, especially those of religious significance for Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim communities, in order to facilitate religious pilgrimage and make them attractive for sustainable tourism. This will be achieved through institutional reform, capacity building, and a community-centered approach towards sustainable development. Besides, the project aims to develop opportunities for heritage entrepreneurship around these sites.

The overall goal is to promote sustainable tourism, encourage respect and tolerance for diversity, and create economic opportunities for the people who live near these heritage sites. The selected sites include Mankiala Stupa, Katas Raj Temples, Gurdwara Rohri Sahib, Gurdwara Sacha Sauda Sahib, Uch Sharif Monument Complex, Lahore Museum, and Taxila Museum.

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