Learning for Empathy Regional Initiative in Asia

Project name :

Learning for Empathy: the Teacher Exchange and Support Programme for Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in cooperation with Japan

Budget :

100K$ - 500K$

Project duration :


Location :


The project aims at enabling madrassa teachers and administrators to revisit their teaching practices through the SDG-4 lens, especially its target 4.7 for peace and sustainability and equip madrassa students with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to live healthy lives, promote sustainability, and engage with the world as responsible global citizens as a way to prevent conflict, hatred, radicalization, and violent extremism.

The project is currently operationalized in Dar-ul-Uloom Usmania and a public school in Kafoor Dehri, Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and has the following programme components:

  1. Customized training and capacity building of madrassa teachers and students in peace education, Information Technology and English Language;
  2. Organization of joint madrassa and public schools events, sports competitions, food festival and exhibitions on indigenous art and culture heritage of Pakistan;
  3. Exposure visit of madrassa teachers and administrators to study curriculum and teaching-learning practices of other Asia Pacific countries, such as Japan;
  4. Visit of madrassa teachers and students to religious places (church, temple and gurdwara, etc.);
  5. Participation of madrassa students in public speaking forums, workshops and conferences.