Malala Fund for Girls’ Right to Education Programme in Pakistan

Project name :

UNESCO Malala Funds-in-Trust for Girls’ Right to Education Programme (GREP) in Pakistan: “Support to National Capacity Building to Realize Girls’ Right to Education in Pakistan

Budget :

more than 5M$

Project duration :


Location :

This project aims at supporting the provincial/ area governments’ efforts in increasing access, retention and improving the quality of girls’ education through targeted capacity building, research and monitoring interventions

UNESCO Islamabad office has been working on the promotion of Girls' Education in most marginalized areas of Pakistan through its multi-year flagship programme titled, "Girls' Right to Education Programme in Pakistan (GREP)". Funded by multiple donors including the Government of Pakistan, the programme aims at improving access to, retention and quality of girls' primary education in most marginalized areas of Pakistan. For further updates, refer to the following links:

The project has three objectives illustrated below:         

  1. Increase girls’ enrolment in the primary schools in marginalized communities through the mobilization of local communities;
  2. Improve retention and quality of girls’ primary education in the marginalized communities through improvement in school physical and  learning environment; and  
  3. Improve the capacity of relevant provincial and district education officers to create an enabling school environment for quality girls’ education.

The programme has a significant contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG-4) and national and provincial education priorities for inclusive and quality education, especially for girls. Implemented in most marginalized districts with diverse socio-economic context, the programme has achieved significant results for cascading into provincial policies and education sector plans. The present focus of the programme is to document the evidence of the progress and share it with the provincial and area governments for integration in their respective development plans with funding allocations.