Safeguarding Cultural Heritage through Education

Project name :

Support to Girls’ Right for Education and Safeguarding Cultural Heritage through Education in Pakistan

Budget :

100K$ - 500K$

Location :

UNESCO Islamabad, with the support of the Government of Italy, is working on the cultural component of the Girls’ Right to Education Programme to engage local communities and youth in protecting cultural heritage.

This is an inter-sectoral project between the education and culture sections of UNESCO. The project aims to support the efforts of the provincial governments of Pakistan, as well as the Federal Government, to safeguard the cultural heritage of the country by mobilizing both school-going and out-of-school youth, and raising awareness among the wider public about the benefits of incorporating heritage into education. The project focuses on engaging children through heritage-related activities to promote an understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage and emphasizing the role they can play in safeguarding their community’s heritage. It also aims to train teachers on the various ways in which culture and heritage can be incorporated into classroom learning.


The culture component of the project focuses on three major objectives:

  1. Building teachers’ capacity to integrate heritage into the school curriculum and engaging schools in heritage-related activities;
  2. Mobilizing the community, particularly the youth, to safeguard their cultural heritage;
  3. Engaging government stakeholders to provide support for heritage education.

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