Transcultura: Integrating Cuba, The Caribbean And The European Union Through Culture And Creativity

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Transcultura Programme

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more than 5M$

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This Programme seeks to deepen integration between Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union. It aims to harness diversity and build bridges between people and cultures from different linguistic areas. The Programme is implemented with a financial support of US$ 15,621,429, provided by the European Union.

Transcultura unites Caribbean and European artists to promote diversity of expression in the audiovisual industry

Opportunities and challenges offered by the European market for Caribbean audiovisual producers, filmmakers and animators were discussed by participants at the second forum of the International Creative Exchange Caribbean (ICEC) 2020 - Europe Connection.


Artists from Asia and the Caribbean explore networking opportunities for creating new cultural values

Organized by the UNESCO Transcultura Programme and the South-South Collective of Jamaica, the encounter brought together artists from Asia and the Caribbean in a productive exchange of ideas and experiences. The two-day event allowed artists to share their work with arts producers, festival directors, and cultural managers from Asia through virtual platforms.


UNESCO's Transcultura Programme promotes the restoration of the Santa Clara Convent in the Historic Centre of Old Havana

With a comprehensive diagnosis of the building as a starting point, and the knowledge gained in decades of archaeological work, specialists and workers from the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana are working to turn the former Santa Clara Convent into the Santa Clara College for Restoration Arts and Crafts in Cuba and the Caribbean.


Transcultura: A new paradigm for cultural integration between Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union

By making use of the creative spirit and multiculturalism of the Caribbean to promote socio-economic development and deepen sub-regional integration, UNESCO and the European Union promote the Transcultura Programme: Integrating Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union through Culture and Creativity, which will be implemented over the next three and a half years.


Transcultura launches first Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries Training Advisory Board in the Caribbean

ultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries senior level experts, artists and practitioners from eight of the seventeen countries targeted by the Transcultura Programme participated in the first meeting of the Caribbean Experts' Voice initiative. Transcultura is a cooperation programme funded by the European Union and implemented by UNESCO, aiming to deepen integration within the Caribbean region through culture. 


UNESCO Director-General highlights the Transcultura Programme as an initiative with economic and professional impact

On 29 June, Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) highlighted the impact capacity of the Transcultura Programme.




"This First International Meeting of Afro Women on Stage and the Story Lab has been an invaluable and genuine opportunity to find ways for the culture sector that we Afro Women support to recover."

Awilda Polanco, Dominican Republic
Dancer and choreographer


"The University of the Arts brings together some of the most relevant academic music in my country. If we were to see the levels of arts education in Cuba as a three-level pyramid, this institution would be at the top, with studies that culminate years of training in music."

Wilma Alba Cal, CUBA
Graduated from the University of the Arts, ISA.


"Transcultura has that spirit of bringing different forces and beautiful elements together."

Juan Garay Amores, European Union
Head of Cooperation of the European Union Delegation in Cuba