Social and Human Sciences

The Social and Human Sciences (SHS) Programme at UNESCO Cairo Office promotes inclusive social development in the Arab region and supports the Members States in the formulation and implementation of gender-sensitive policies that ensure the welfare of marginalized and vulnerable groups, including at the local level.

SHS engages youth, builds their capacity, and supports projects that give youth a positive role as development partners in the region. The programme leads initiatives that help foster intercultural dialogue and prevent extremism, especially among the youth. In addition, SHS capitalizes on the potential of sport as a means of building peace and mobilizing sustainable development.


The SHS programme supports the Member States in the development of ethical frameworks to promote science and technology as levers of inclusive and sustainable development and develops capacities in the field of bioethics by promoting international standards in bioethics, including UNESCO’s normative instruments.


Ms. Heba Shama
Programme Associate
Salma Tantawy
Programme Assistant