Natural Sciences

UNESCO Cairo Office is the Regional Bureau for Sciences in the Arab states. The Natural Sciences Programme is divided into:

Science Policy and Capacity Building
Guided by the recommendations of the World Conference on Science (Budapest 1999), the priorities of the Basic and Engineering Sciences are continuously assessed and updated on the basis of the needs and priorities of Arab Member States.  
The Programme is being implemented along four main priority areas which are:
  • University Science and Engineering Education
  • Science and Technology Management, Policies, and National Systems of Innovation
  • New and Renewable Energies.
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Ecology and Earth Sciences
UNESCO Cairo Office (UCO) undertakes crucial actions in offering support to the Member States from the Arab Region.  This is done within the framework of the UNESCO- Man and Biosphere (UNESCO-MAB) multidisciplinary and Ecological Sciences sub-programme.   
The progamme offers assistance in two main areas which are the development of new Biosphere Reserves and Transboundary Biosphere Reserves.  It aims at encouraging representation and participation in Arab countries.  This is done for both the regional network of Arab Man and Biosphere (ArabMAB) and the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR).
Hydrology Programme 
The Arab region is the most water-scarce region of the world. Water management problems are already apparent in the region.  The key factors contributing to water resources vulnerability in the Arab Region are: Aridity Low rainfall; High evaporation Uneven distribution of water resources Complexity of the hydro-political conditions; The rapidly growing human population; The deterioration of water quality;  The accelerated demand for water. Climate change may add new uncertainties and water challenges leading to more frequent and severe droughts and floods.
IHP activities in the Arab region are implemented under the following themes : 
  • Theme 1: Water-Related Disasters and Hydrological Change
  • Theme 2: Groundwater in a Changing Environment
  • Theme 3: Addressing Water Scarcity and Quality
  • Theme 4: Water And Human Settlements Of The Future
  • Theme 5: Ecohydrology, Engineering Harmony for a Sustainable World
  • Theme 6: Water Education, Key for Water Security


MR. Nazar Hassan
Senior Programme Specialist, Science Unit
Mr. Bisher Imam
Senior Programme Specialist, Water Sciences
Ms. Elsa Sattout
Programme Specialist, Ecological and Earth Sciences

Mr. Abdelaziz Zaki
National Programme Officer Water Sciences
Ms. Walaa Shawki
Programme Assistant Water Sciences
Ms. Hoda Abdel-Meguid
Programme Assistant Science Programme