EU partnership projects in culture


The unique inventory of tangible and intangible cultural richness of Cuba and the Caribbean region displays tremendous potential to contribute to inclusive growth and sustainable development. Transcultura, a major joint initiative between UNESCO, the EU and Cuba aims to deepen integration within the region and to strengthen people-to-people cooperation and knowledge exchanges between Cuba, the region and the EU.

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Silk Roads Heritage Corridors in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Iran

International Dimension of EYCH2018. In the long-term, the action will strengthen the contribution of culture to sustainable development, notably through heritage-based tourism development, diversifying tourism products and delivering high-quality visitor experiences along the Silk Roads Heritage Corridors in the participating countries.

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Cash for Work: Promoting Livelihood Opportunities for Urban Youth in Yemen

The ongoing conflict in Yemen is significantly affecting Yemen's economy and society, particularly youth and women, causing internal displacement, severe economic decline, and extensive damage to the country's infrastructure. UNESCO and the EU are partnering to improve livelihood opportunities for youth in Yemen and safeguard the country's unique cultural heritage. 

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Youth Employment through Culture and Heritage in Yemen

As a continuation of the Cash for Work project in Yemen, this project aims at improving livelihood opportunities for women and youth in the country through job creation in heritage rehabilitation and cultural industries. Historic urban centers will be revived in different governorates, and SMEs in various sectors of the cultural and creative industries will be supported.

Fight Against the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property

The aim of this joint UNESCO / European Union (EU) initiative is to raise awareness of the European judiciary and law enforcement officials on the existing international legal framework and practical tools to fight the illicit trafficking of cultural property. By doing so, it also reinforces the capacity of European countries to protect cultural heritage within and beyond its borders in a more efficient way. 

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Reviving Mosul and Basra Old Cities

This EU-UNESCO partnership project will foster resilience, cultural identity, social cohesion and inter-community reconciliation through the rehabilitation of cultural heritage, the creation of job opportunities and the development of youth skills for local communities in Mosul and Basra Old Cities.

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ACP-EU Culture Programme - Creative Caribbean: An Ecosystem of ‘Play’ for growth and development

Implemented by the Organisation of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States and financed by the European Union, the ACP-EU Culture programme intends to boost the potential of the cultural and creative sector and its contribution to the social and economic development, notably in the Caribbean. 

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Culture | 2030 Indicators : Measuring Culture’s contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The Culture|2030 Indicators aim to measure and monitor the role and contribution of culture to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Jointly funded by the EU and Sweden, this project allows UNESCO to support the piloting of the indicators in six countries and their capital cities. 

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EU-UNESCO Expert Facility on the Governance of Culture in Developing Countries

The Expert Facility is an international pool of recognized experts for designing or implementing policies to support cultural and creative sectors in developing countries. This network of international experts was renewed for the 2019-2022 period, within the context of the project.

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Past projects

Explore UNESCO-EU projects in the culture sector that have been concluded

World Heritage Journeys of Europe

'Travel differently, travel deeper' in the European Union: In collaboration with National Geographic, UNESCO has developed this EU-funded project in line with the World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme and the European Commission's tourism objectives to maintain Europe's position as a leading tourist destination through improved tourism services.

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2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage: Engaging Youth for an Inclusive and Sustainable Europe

UNESCO and the European Union have teamed up for a new project to strengthen the connections between young people, cultural heritage and education. The project proposes an innovative approach to education by inviting teachers and learners to explore their living heritage.

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Culture and Sports for Social Cohesion and Sustainable Reintegration of Afghan Returnees and IDPs (Hamdeli)

Against the backdrop of potential risks and armed conflict for different ethnic groups in Afghanistan, UNESCO and the EU have initiated a project to promote social cohesion and sustainable reintegration of Afghan returnees and IDPs through culture and sports.

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