Citizenship for Education Fund

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Solidary Education – Citizenship for Education Fund

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Location :

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) and ensuring inclusive, equitable and quality education are actions that make up a collective endeavour in which all actors make a concerted effort to fulfill their responsibilities. For this to happen, political and economic interests must be aligned. Educational policies and their stakeholders are not isolated from the world around them.

From this perspective, the Porto Alegre Municipal Secretariat of Education (Secretaria Municipal de Educação de Porto Alegre – SMED), in partnership with POA Solidária, is to invest in improving the quality of education at the local level, with the intention of making the municipality a pioneer capital in the form of financing Education through joining forces and having active participation of the productive sector, in a collaborative governance model and in line with the SDGs.

Since education in the city of Porto Alegre needs to improve its qualitative outcomes, SMED, in partnership with UNESCO and businessmen, has created a multi-donor programme called the Citizenship for Education Fund to foster improved quality of education in the city. 

The Citizenship for Education Fund intends to support SMED in the qualification of the educational system at municipal and community levels through:

  • physical and structural adequacy of institutions
  • access to information technologies, teaching materials, and an educational management platform
  • digital control of the school attendance system
  • educational management training

The Programme aims at improving the conditions of the school facilities and increasing the learning level of students in the city of Porto Alegre, by developing their reading and logical reasoning skills, by improving the Basic Education Development Index (IDEB), and by offering high-quality education in the municipality.

As a programme that intends to bring the business and public sectors together to improve the educational services provided, the Fund has an innovative bias in seeking different solutions to problems been faced for a long time. The success of its implementation in Porto Alegre may serve as a good practice that can be adapted and implemented in other locations, as its main aspect is to mobilize and engage other social segments towards a common goal.

The Citizenship for Education Fund intends to benefit:

  • the educational system in the city of Porto Alegre, as well as several of its actors
  • the students, as they will have access to high-quality education, consequently increasing their learning level
  • the school community, with a view of improving the structure of schools and training their managers
  • SMED. With the improvement of its actions, it will be able to provide better quality educational services to the school population in the municipality
  • the society in Porto Alegre, having quality education for its children and young people, as well as developing a sense of joint responsibility for achieving SDG 4, Quality Education for All

The products and results of the programme will be shared with universities, public and private educational institutions, as well as the local educational system to ensure broad dissemination of its actions.

The management of the programme is under the responsibility of UNESCO in Brazil, counting on the participation of SMED in planning, implementing, monitoring and assessing its activities. These activities are related to innovative educational implementation and greater efficiency in elaborating strategies for educational polities to guarantee sustainability and wide dissemination of its actions.