Edulivre - Educação Livre Project

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Edulivre - Educação Livre Project

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Educação Livre (EduLivre) - which means free education - is a non-profitable national project in Brazil that offers free and pleasant education to young people that are looking for opportunities to work and study.

The main tool of Educação Livre (EduLivre) is an online platform, which offers contents on different skills such as teamwork; planning and organization; finance education; mathematics; emotional intelligence, etc. The young person can watch videos or browse through the knowledge paths connected to job application processes, training courses, internship, etc. All of this is created and organized by volunteers: young people, educators, and entrepreneurs.

The initiative by SESI in partnership with UNESCO in Brazil was created with a vision to broaden the network of partners who seek to increase the opportunities for youth in the country. Its mission is to innovate the way to educate and inspire young people who are in search of a better future through education and access to the world of work.