Learning about the History of Africa

Project name :

Learning about the History of Africa Project: Strengthening Educational Spaces Sensitive to Ethnic-Racial Discrimination

Budget :

0 - 100K$

Project duration :


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UNESCO in Brazil and the Humanize Institute has signed a partnership agreement to implement the project Learning about the History of Africa: Strengthening Educational Spaces Sensitive to Ethnic-Racial Discrimination. Its primary purpose is to contribute to two of UNESCO's mandates: Social and Human Sciences and Education. 

In social and ​human sciences, the project intends to:

  • Mobilize knowledge and incorporate rights and ethics to promote inclusive and equitable societies
  • Strengthen the formulation of public policies in Brazil based on scientific evidence, knowledge based on humanities, ethics and human rights action frameworks 

In education, the project aims to:

  • Support Member States in implementing Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) to improve national educational policies
  • Develop plans to improve access to equitable and quality care and pre-primary, primary and secondary education through a system-wide approach to lifelong learning, contributing to reaching SDG 4 targets 4.1 and 4.2
  • Develop better policies, plans, and learning opportunities to expand inclusive education for vulnerable populations, with particular attention to people with learning challenges and disabilities and populations affected by crises, thus contributing to the achievement of SDG 4 targets 4.5 and 4.a.

About Humanize Institute

The Humanize Institute is an institution of the third sector that integrates strategies and articulations for the strengthening of national philanthropy, and the support to reference entities for sustainable development in Brazil. 

Humanize weaves network connections to contribute to territorial development and the reality of the people living in vulnerable environments in Brazil through initiatives of sustainable use, socio-environmental impact businesses and public management. In a cross-cutting way, it also works in the institutional development sections of Civil Society Organizations and education, besides supporting the implementation and accomplishment of special projects.

Project activities:

The UNESCO–Humanize partnership intends to promote and disseminate awareness campaigns. Furthermore, both parties will cooperate in planning, implementing, monitor, and evaluate all communication activities related to the project. 

One of these activities involves the production, printing, dissemination and distribution of new editions of the online and printed versions in Portuguese of:

* The covers were created by Edson Fogaça. The photos on the covers are by Rômulo Fialdini taken at the Afro Brasil Museum (São Paulo, Brazil).