Supporting the Completion of Basic Education for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

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Basic Education for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

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UNESCO’s project “Supporting the Completion of Basic Education for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon” is funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre and implemented in partnership with Kayany Foundation. It intends to widen education opportunities, progressing and pathways, and ensure retention for at risk Syrian students in Lebanon, especially at the middle and high school levels. It links to ongoing initiatives related to the education of the Syrians in Lebanon, trying to fill the gap and complement recent efforts.

Back to school, back to learning

Fall 2021: Syrian children in Bekaa refugees camps resume learning at UNESCO schools 

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Launch of UNESCO's Middle Schools in the Bekaa

UNESCO & Kayany Foundation launched UNESCO's Middle Schools to provide Syrian refugee children with non-formal catch-up education programmes, while also providing them with psychosocial support.

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UNESCO-established schools give hope to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

In Meksseh and Saadnayel, Bekaa, UNESCO established schools to provide Syrian students with complementary education opportunities and educational and psychological support programs to complete their basic education.

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Emotional Agility Training for Syrian refugee women

60 Syrian refugee women received training on "emotional agility” aimed at building their resilience and empowering them  to face setbacks, deal with stress, manage negative feelings and cope with difficulties.

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UNESCO and KSRelief provide education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

An Nahar newspaper reports on UNESCO's and KSRelief's project to support the education of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. 

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Exhibition of handmade garments by Palestinian and Syrian women

Vulnerable and marginalized Palestinian and Syrian women received technical and vocational training aimed at building their capacity to earn an income and increase their family’s well-being. 

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