Revive the Spirit of Mosul

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Revive the Spirit of Mosul

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Mosul, Iraq
The primary goal of the project is to foster reconciliation and social cohesion in Mosul and its Old Town, through the restoration and reconstruction of Al-Nouri Mosque and its Al-Hadba Minaret as iconic landmarks, as well as a Memorial. The project includes skills development and job creation components to provide young men and women from Mosul with a source of livelihood through the heritage rehabilitation, the educational and cultural institutions revival.


Education is a driver of resilience, recovery and reconciliation. Through the strengthening of the educational system and quality education for all, UNESCO is rebuilding damaged schools, assuring gender equality in access to education and developing curricula and educational capacity in order to tackle the socio-psychological impacts of the devastation on young people.

Achievements so far

  • Over 1000 primary teachers and caretakers have already completed the training on the prevention of violent extremism; 
  • The number of children back to school is increasing and the creation of an adapted curriculum is underway.