Documentation of the Urban heritage of Mosul

Project name :

Documentation of the Urban heritage of Mosul

Budget :

100K$ - 500K$

Project duration :


Location :

Mosul, Iraq
Main purpose of this fund was to establish an Antenna Office in Mosul which is being assessed by UNDSS. The Governorate of Nineveh and the University of Mosul are both strategic in that it will allow close communication and cooperation with the team entrusted by the local and national authorities with the reconstruction of the addition to purchasing an armored vehicle for movement to Mosul.

The project started in 2018 with a total budget of US$ 330,000 donated by the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund. 

The Heritage Emergency Fund supported the detailed documentation of the urban heritage of the city, through an overall survey of the historic urban fabric and urban heritage, including of religious interest, undertaken by the French start-up Iconem from 14 June to 7 July 2018, to complete a previous assessment of February 2018.

In addition to the precise aerial survey of the Old City of Mosul, the scientific documentation and subsequent data analysis and processing led to the development of precise Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements of the city as well as the digitization, including in 3D, of several of its landmark monuments, including the Museum of Mosul, the Church of Al Tahira, Qattanin Mosque, the Imam Awnildden shrine and the Sheik Al-Shat shrine.


This activity was supported by the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund. We wish to thank its donors: the Qatar Fund for Development, the Kingdom of Norway, the Government of Canada, ANA Holdings INC., the Principality of Monaco, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Republic of Estonia, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Slovak Republic, the Principality of Andorra and the Republic of Serbia.